Each order is treated individually and priced based on many factors, such as:

  • the location where the flights are to take place. Locations can be provided to me in the form of a specific address along with the approximate flight radius
  • what will be the object being filmed or photographed
  • number of photos, length of video material
  • single order size
  • order time
  • technical conditions
  • type of material – raw or with processing
  • the intended use of production materials
  • other additional information about the order

The priority of the flights is safety. Therefore, I do not fly during unfavorable weather conditions and solar storms that may interfere with the operation of electronics. Flights are also not performed in cases where they may pose a threat to safety.

What can aerial shots be used for?


Photos or videos taken from the air – as advertising material – will help to better receive the property offered and thus sell it faster for a more attractive price. Drone shots show not only the object or ground itself, but also values invisible from the ground – its location, access roads and the entire area.

For whom? ● private individuals ● land owners ● real estate agencies ● developers


Aerial shots are very important in the promotion of the tourism, recreation and sports industries. These materials can be used in albums, guides, catalogs or on websites as a diversification of the presented offer. They can also be treated as encouraging investors, advertising the region, and promoting industry facilities.

For whom? ● cities ● communes ● regions ● tour operators ● hotels ● boarding houses ● holiday centers ● SPA centers ● restaurants ● recreational and sports facilities (zoo, golf courses, ski slopes, stadiums, water sports centers)


Are you a business owner? Looking at it from above is a fantastic way to promote and the opportunity to present in an unusual way the assets invisible from the ground.

For whom? ● restaurant owners ● production plants ● corporations ● production plants ● logistics companies ● transport companies ● advertising agencies


Drone photos can be used as a background to visualize planned investments – housing estates, houses, bridges, viaducts, office buildings, shopping centers. Aerial shots can also be used as documentation confirming the proper execution of works, and there is also a possibility to show future residents the view from the window of the newly constructed building.

For whom? ● developers ● urban planning offices ● design offices ● investors ● construction companies


Drone flight gives you the opportunity to inspect investments such as roads and buildings.

For whom? ● road and motorway managers ● industrial facilities ● tall factory chimneys ● construction companies ● farmers ● insurance agencies ● compensation companies ● appraisers


Cooperation with the media – press, Internet portals – the ability to present data of events from a bird’s eye view.

For whom? ● press ● television ● information portals ● entrepreneurs ● individuals


Various types of concerts, cultural events, outdoor events, picnics photographed or filmed from the air take on character . Aerial shots are an excellent form of documenting a given event from an unusual perspective, which can make the overall coverage of the event much more interesting.

For whom? ● event companies ● cultural centers ● corporations ● foundations ● artists ● advertising agencies ● local governments ● sports and recreation centers


People who want to immortalize special events, newlyweds leaving the church, guests wishing the bride and groom.

For whom? ● individual customers ● newlyweds